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The purpose of this page is to give capture a selection of napkin usage examples that occur very frequently in the day-to-day development and maintenance of a data pipeline.

napkin run

Running only a single table in a spec

It’s very common when iteratively working on a given table to update it repeatedly and in isolation.

Disable all tables, force-update any table with word “uplift” in it:


napkin run -s specs/myspec1.yaml --force-only 'spec:/.*uplift.*/'

Notice the pattern is a proper Regular Expression. Please, consult with User Manual for more details on that feature.

napkin validate

Continuously validating codebase on every change

Keeping a validating screen open is invaluable in rapid iteration. Napkin will notice every change on every file that’s touched by a given spec and automatically re-validate the entire project. This will catch obvious structural errors in SQL files, mistakes in templates and any compilation errors in custom Haskell code.


napkin validate -s specs/myspec1.yaml --interactive